Top Escape Rooms in the USA - voted by you!

Top 100 Escape Rooms in the United States - March 2019

Ever since Amazon and Google started showing those little stars on their sites and in search engine results pages, people have taken notice. Online ratings have expanded to several renowned sites – for escape room businesses these include Google, Travel Advisor, and Yelp.

And these reviews show up front-and-center for all to see (especially potential customers) whenever someone does a search for a local business or industry on any of these sites. Seeing those stars makes it easier for consumers to quickly compare competitors, and provides excellent feedback to businesses on areas for improvement to provide a better customer experience.

What better, than to highlight customer reviews in an escape room business ranking? Using data from Google, Travel Advisor, and Yelp, we have put together a ranking for the top 100 escape room businesses in the US using a weighted average for these three sites. 

Check out the full list and story here.

kara zanni