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Working as an undercover police detective your assignment is to infiltrate the mob. Do you have what it takes to climb the ranks of the Italian Mafia and earn the trust of the Don? Will you take down the criminals or be tempted by the riches and power and choose a life of corruption? This game is an homage to the real life Italian mobsters that once roamed the streets of Atwells Ave. If you ever listened to Crimetown, you may recognize a few things. Book now to try your luck as a Wise Guy.

La cosa nostra

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Can you solve the cold case?

Have you ever imagined solving a cold case? A mystery so elusive it's been unsolved for more than twenty years? Will you discover something unknown, something that nobody else could see? Piece together the clues and unlock the secrets to find out the truth behind this missing person's file and be the first to solve the case. This escape room features some RI history featuring the old Ladd Center Asylum as the setting in this story.

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We currently have 2 games to choose from:

1. The Murder Mystery - You will feel like you are in a crime drama, discovering clues and solving the case.

2. La Cosa Nostra - Climb the ranks of the mafia with an homage to RI's long history involving the mob

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