Looking for a corporate event or team building workshop?

There's no better way to create a strong, cooperative workplace than with our interactive team building experiences. Our games are designed around colaborative problem solving and communication.


Cooperative Experience

  • Size: Up to 14 participants

  • Experience Length: 90 Minutes

  • Game: One Escape Room

  • Price: $29/ Person

Work together to solve complex puzzles within themed game rooms which were specifically designed to require the use of teamwork to complete.

15 minute warm up exercise

60 minute interactive experience

15 minute reflection period including group photographs

Complimentary group progress report available upon advanced request.


Competitive Experience

  • Size: Up to 28 participants

  • Experience Length: 90 Minutes

  • Game: 2 Escape Rooms

  • Price: $29/ Person

Ideal for larger groups. Add a competitive element with our head to head package.

Groups will split into two teams compete against each other to see whose team can master proficiency and solve their respected puzzle room the fastest.

Receive all of the same benefits as the cooperative experience plus the added benefits created through competition and the desire to win.



Add To Any Package

  • Price: $50.00

  • What You Get: Group analysis and report based on 5 key performance indicators.

A Game Master from The Riddle Room will walk the supervisor through the experience and help identify strengths and weaknesses of players. Our game masters have evaluated thousands of groups and provided valuable insights.


Pre-Employment Screening

Add To Any Package

  • Experience Length: 60 Minutes

  • Price: $100/Per Group

Attain unique insight into potential employees prior to hiring them by going behind the scenes.

Place prospective candidates in one of our game rooms. Watch behind the scenes as they interact with one another and have to work together to achieve a common goal. See how they share information, communicate and tackle obstacles.

We guarantee priceless intel will be uncovered during this process that is simply not obtainable using conventional interview processes.


Team Up

Grab your team and tackle one of our rooms together.



Grab a group and go head to head.


Show your spirit

Come dressed with company t-shirts or flare to show off your spirit!

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