​​Have you ever wished, just for a moment, you could live inside an adventure or mystery movie? It turns out you can… just sign up for an event at Riddle Room and you'll have one hour to experience the thrill of a grand escape! Try this real life escape room today!

Looking for a corporate EVENT or team building workshop?

Foster teamwork, bonding and fun! There's no better way to create a strong, cooperative workplace. Our staff can build an event around the specific needs of your group. Whether you are looking to expand on existing skill sets, identify potential issues in the workplace, or just want to understand how your teams work together, our workshops will give you an unique look into the dynamics of your team as you get to see their behaviors in action. We can accommodate up to 24 people in our facility. Please give us a call or send us an email at CONTACTUS@RIRIDDLEROOM.COM to schedule a large scale event. 

Cooperative Experience: 

Group size:  Up to 14 participants  

Experience Length:  90 Minutes

Teams of up to twelve work together to solve complex puzzles and themed scenarios that were specifically designed to require the use of teamwork to solve.  Participants will experience a 15 minute warm up exercise as well as a 15 min reflection period at the end supervised by a Riddle Room Game Master.


Cooperative/Competitive Experience:

Group size:  Up to 28 participants   

Experience Length:  90 Minutes

All the same benefits of the cooperative experience plus the added benefit of competition where two teams of up to twelve compete against each other to see whose team can master proficiency and solve their respected puzzle room faster.      


Deluxe Corporate Training Package:

Can be added to any package.  Allows a supervisor to go behind the scenes and observe their team navigating the themed puzzle rooms.  A game master from The Riddle Room will walk the supervisor through the experience as well as help to identify strengths and weaknesses of players. The unique knowledge of The Riddle Room’s game masters regarding various groups’ successes and failures makes this feature a priceless resource for managers of all types.

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