​​Have you ever wished, just for a moment, you could live inside an adventure or mystery movie? It turns out you can… just sign up for an event at Riddle Room and you'll have one hour to experience the thrill of a grand escape! Try this real life escape room today!


 What exactly is the RI riddle room?
A team based immersive experience; you have sixty minutes to solve interactive puzzles and riddles to win the game and escape. Excitement is fostered through team work with an added sense of adrenaline as a clock is counting down the time you have to discover the clues, solve the mysteries and walk away  a champion. dOES YOUR TEAM HAVE WHAT IT TAKES? ONLY ONE WAY TO FIND OUT...

TWO LIFELONG FRIENDS, one passion for adventure 


Kara Zanni earned her Bachelor Degree in Retail Marketing/Fashion Merchandising at Johnson and Wales University. She has a retail background and always enjoyed visual merchandising and telling a good story through design. She has run many successful business units and currently works as an eCommerce Manager and Buyer. She has visited Escape Rooms all down the East Coast and instantly became a huge fan after the first one she went to.

"I have always loved art and design, it doesn't require memorizing a formula or vocabulary words, unlike math everyone isn't going to end up with the same answer, or the same thing in the end. Art is expressive, it's you, it's unique, one of a kind, yet people can still relate to it and it can be universal. I love telling a story you can read with your senses. With detailed propping, the right colors and atmosphere you can convey so much with just visuals" 

Byron Delmonico earned two Bachelor Degrees, one in Marketing and one Operations Management at Rhode Island College. This educational achievement was accomplished while simultaneously acting as President of Rhode Island Colleges American Marketing Association.  Byron not only obtained several honors distinctions through educational activities, but also accelerated the RIC AMA to the highest national collegiate award winning year in decades.  Since college Byron has several years of experience as a marketing manager as well as incorporation of his own marketing firm exposing.

"My life has been driven by a passion for entertaining my friends and family.  I have a reputation for being unpredictable and a knack for surprising newly acquainted friends.  These two qualities fuel my desire to leave my mark on the Escape Room industry using cleverness and wit inspiring the imagination of people for years." 


Together we've created The RI Riddle Room Escape Game in East Greenwich